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The name of our site and Project assumes attention to ideal and opportunity of work with it.


- How do you see the future of Israel?

- The future of Israel? What future do you speak about? We are the small country a chip at the world's ocean of policy, finance ambitions... It's more proper to us to be kept to not sink. Our future is in surviving only.

- And how it could be made?

- The small fish sticks to the big one, floats with her in safety and feeds from her.

- Do you mean America?

- Her darling. It would guide us in the future.

- "-

- The future of Israel? There is no such question! All will be as it was.

- There was in a many ways. What do you mean?

- Not America certainly. Can't hear about her. And all others are cost nothing. They think of themselves only and twirl by us as they want. Our "tomorrow" is in our "yesterday". To go forward it is necessary to move back to our traditions and originality.


- The future of Israel? I do not know, I do not know... It's not my wit business. I have my own future. And everyone should create his. It is the future of Israel namely.


Dear Reader! You could offer other variants certainly. There are talking lets collect them and try to find the compromise to deduce some "average" which would suit all of us even not completely as we are "the whole people " and "the unique democracy in the Middle East". We continue to hope for this "democratic" way till now.

Unfortunately it is impossible to be worked out. There is no truth in the middle as always because "the middle" is not present: our opinions-judgments start from the different not comparable not the close laying foundations even if we do not realize it. It’s known already that it is impossible to be "a little bit pregnant woman" and the butter of "the second freshness" are not the butter any more. However down to last time our relations with Palestinians were treated in public opinion as "neither world nor war". Owing to a fog of its bases this “original” invention became the excellent nutritious ground for terror: while staying in "an interval of uncertainty" behind which there is no reality we cannot understand a reality of terror and so to operate adequately. It is what the terror needs and we receive that we have merited.

So dear reader here is or - or means it is necessary to clear up the bases. It's what we would like to be occupied with on our and your site.

For what and for whom is it necessary? Here everyone is responsible for himself. We have given our answer. It can be criticized for "idealism" or for the lack of definiteness. But thus it is necessary to remember the destiny of criticism to address of the "idealists" who have born and fulfilled the idea of our state and we hope to take off uncertainty on a course of discussions. Here we would like to offer the outlines of some theses which would serve as the bases of a choice of subjects of discussions meaning a practical orientation of all work. We emphasize it especially that this offer should become a subject of discussions and updating itself.

1. The situation is not circumstances it arises while comparing of circumstances with desires and the purposes that is with the future and it consists in fixing of the impossibilities and their achievements. What are our desires and the purposes? And how and in what forms in general it is possible to think of the future?

2. A situation which we have got in is often characterized as system crisis:  available systems of thinking and activity do not contain necessary tools ways of an effective solution of a situation. Development and actuating of such tools constitutes an essence of development. What does the crisis mentioned particularly consist in? Whether it is possible to resolve it by not resorting to development?

3. Israel and its future should be considered in a framework of world global development. It does not mean "following to a fashion" at all but realizes a principle of a practicality: the "higher" we shall rise the more we shall understand and the more precisely we shall "land".

What does this framework represent? How should "world global development" be understood? What tendencies of world global development are significant for us how could we allocate them what are the means to describe? Whether we have any motives to become one of the world global development centers and what does it mean?

4. One of the major attributes of a world global development step in history is a change of a so-called leading resource. It is a resource which starts to determine the efficiency of any activity in this historical period*. What types of leading resources are known to us? What is it today and in the perspective? How the state authority management and a society are connected with a type of a leading resource?

5. Inclusion in world global development does not happen automatically by the very existence of Israel. It becomes possible by the realized purposeful creation accumulation and use of a leading resource. Whether it is necessary for these to change state's purposes functions tasks its place in public system? Whether it is necessary to speak about new technologies of management and authority about new type of policies and strategy? If yes then what is concrete and how? In this connection what new public problems appear? What are a new or modified today's social and public institutes necessary for the solution of problems? What are ways and tools of their becoming? What is it necessary to begin with what is it possible to perch on? What to hope on?

6. The development differs from other forms of movement particularly in that it includes procedures of statement and resolution of problems (problematization). The problem is the situation when the task's solutions and the goal’s achievement are impossible because of deficiency of the certain means of thinking and activity and at the same time it's impossible to neglect the problem. Problematization is the engine of development. By turning this thesis on ourselves as well as it's impossible to develop something or someone without being developing ourselves we consider it necessary that our works are a subject of problematization at all stages of design. How could a problem situation be recognized? What is the technology of problematization? What is expected as a result?

7. Within the frameworks of this them it is supposed to develop new projects to collect discuss and expertise the already known reasonable projects and programs of development in concrete spheres of activity: in education defense culture infrastructures etc. They should set the new policy and strategy the ways of creation and use of a leading resource in different situations on concrete local examples by setting with these the images and samples of the Future. It is necessary to study prepare the conditions of their realization and to turn to realization.

Realization is carried out behind frameworks of our site already but in parallel with the development mentioned above. How could this double process be organized effectively? What resources should be involved and how?

On the first page of the Project the map of the Project is exposed where the subjects presented are reflected. In section "Reviews" we shall try to give regular "assembly" of materials and estimations of a situation of the Project.

*Historically  the last leading resources were the ground and the industry.

Translated into English by Uri Skomorovsky.


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