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Artworks 2010-2011

Rough day. Cardboard. Oil Rain. Oil Road in a wood. Etude with a lonely tree.  Hardboard. Oil Etude with an old tower. A cardboard. Oil
Etude. Border with Lebanon. Oil Etude. Cardboard. Oil Etude. Cardboard. Oil Cypresses. Oil Mosque in Yaffo.
A cardboard. Oil
Gloomy day. Oil
The girl. Coal Female portrait. Pencil Ruins of crusader's fortress  Belvuar. Oil Fuzzy road. Oil Pre-dawn hour.  Cardboard. Oil Ancient synagogue's ruins in Katsrin. Oil
Still life with a bulb. Canvas. Oil Still life with a pumpkin. Oil Still life at ochreous tones Still life. Oil The sun on pine trees' trunks. Oil Street in Old Yaffo. Cardboard. Oil
Solar light on water.
Night is falling.
Backwater at
beach Hukuk
Yasson and Heracles. Paper. Oil Evening coast.
Sandy coast of Kineret. Oil
Quay Tel Aviv at the early morning  Sunset on a coast. Oil Sunset. Water colour View of  Lebanese mountains. Cardboard. Oil Gate of an old castle.
Memoirs on Old Yaffo.

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