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1. Oleg Savelzon. Russia and Israel in the XXI century. - Liberty Publishing House, New York, 2000. - 208p.- ISBN 0-914481-64-9.
Prospects of Developing a Rational Open Society.
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2. Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman. The Art of Innovation.
The book enables the reader to glimpse the excitement and energy involved in being part of the creative drive that established Silicon Valley as the center of innovation.
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3. Sergei Kuritz. The State of Israel: Prospects of Survival. - Jerusalem, 2002. - 155p.
This book applies the principles of Systems Thinking Approach to the analysis of the laws and other high-level decisions of the State of Israel and their practical implementation. On the basis of this analysis, the author demonstrates that the reason for hardships and sacrifices that accompany the life of the citizens of this country lies in the faults of the state government system. Not only does the system of government fail to eliminate dangerous chronic problems; it generates them itself. Thus, conditions are created for repetition of the tragic history of ancient Jewish states, which were destroyed not by external aggression, but by internal contradictions. It is possible that modern understanding of the nature and causes of these faults will help eliminate them.

To order the book it is possible till ph. 972 4 6925264 (in Israel 046925264) or email: kuritzs@013.net.il